10 Items Every Mom Should Carry in Her Purse

The Boy Scouts’ motto of always being prepared: Where do you think they learned that? Their mothers, of course. For as long as women have carried handbags, they have carried a multitude of helpful items for their children. Today, the “mom purse” has taken on an almost-comical connotation as we pull myriad items from the dark recesses of our bags, conjuring images of Mary Poppins digging in the infinite magical void that was her carpetbag. This image is one contemporary moms are working to change by eliminating wallets (thanks to smartphones), limiting clutter, and downsizing purses. With this in mind, we present the 10 items that will change the way you pack your purse.

1. Don’t shout — wipe it away

When your coworker asks, “What’s that on your shirt,” it doesn’t matter whether if your kid spilled chocolate milk on you, or you spilled coffee on yourself — your wardrobe inevitably will become soiled by something at least once a week. A four-pack of these Shout Wipe & Go single-use wipes almost always stops a spill from becoming a stain. Various locations | $.99

2. Living on Island Thyme

Made locally by Orcas Island-based Island Thyme, this headache stick made with lavender and peppermint oils will leave you feeling refreshed — and smelling amazing. Use the roller ball applicator on the back of your neck, and within 15 minutes, you’ll have forgotten all about that nagging headache. islandthyme.com | $10

3. Keeping little hands busy

Got a fidgety kiddo? Consider these mini tins of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. With colors like super lava, gold rush, and stardust, your kid will be mesmerized by the tactile magic that is thinking putty. puttyworld.com | $3

4. Cool down and clean up

We love Brumisateur Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray for hydrating skin and setting foundation, but for moms, it’s got other hidden uses as well. Grab a two-pack of travel-sized cans to keep on hand for spritzing your kiddo on a hot day, spraying onto a tissue to wipe little faces, or spraying directly on your hands if you need a quick rinse. sephora.com | $16

5. A little pop of color

Moms: How many times have you had to run out without makeup on? This “set sail” color from Tarte’s color splash lipstick line is the perfect dark nude that adds just a hint of color to your lips, so you don’t look totally washed out when you’re running to the grocery store. It also looks good paired with a shiny gloss for a night out. tartecosmetics.com | $21

6. Put on a brave face

Boo-boos are part of life, but sometimes kids need a little something fun to distract them from the temporary pain they might be feeling. Cue Welly Kids Bravery Badges. These adorable bandages are made from a comfortable, flexible fabric and come with unicorn or friendly monster designs. Target | $6.99

7. No more tears

Pair those bandages with Neosporin’s Neo to Go No-Touch Spray for a one-handed triage on the go. The contents of this spray bottle not only contain antiseptic, but also have an on-contact pain reliever that will dry tears and get her back on the playground in minutes. Various locations | $4.99

8. Silence!

OK; so these slim-fit, soft foam ear plugs by Mack’s could be used to drown out the sounds of your raucous brood, but we don’t recommend doing that. Instead, we like to have these expanding ear plugs on hand for outings — where the volume might be too much for you, or your child, to handle. amazon.com | $10.79

9. Hello, bright eyes

Formulated with caffeine to combat puffiness, peptides to smooth fine lines, and optical diffusers to hide those dark circles, Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer is basically a mom’s best friend. Make it part of your daily makeup routine, or use it alone for a quick under-eye pick-me-up, so no one will know your little one was up all night. sephora.com | $13

10. Never leave home without it

While some moms are blessed with children who have iron stomachs, the rest of us have kiddos with more sensitive tummies. So, if your kid gets dizzy just looking at an amusement park ride, Dramamine for Kids always will be her savior. We love that these chewable tabs come in a pocket-friendly case for easy transport. Various locations | $7


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