Slideshow: 18 Local Kitchen & Bath Designs

Every year, members of the Puget Sound chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association submit their best kitchen and baths into the organization’s annual design competition. These designs are judged by a professional panel of their out-of-state peers. We are proud to showcase their incredible work and hope you can find inspiration for your home in these beautiful, functional designs. Click the slideshow to see exclusive images of the winning designs from the 2012 NKBA Design Competition. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the Sept./Oct. issue of 425 to see the full story! MasterSource


Photos: 1)Erik Mosvold; 2) Erik Mosvold; 3) Greg Krogstad; 4) Roger Turk; 5) Adrian Burwell; 6) Adrian Burwell; 7) John G. Wilbanks; 8) Roger Turk; 9) William Feemster; 10) Jeff Hobson; 11) Greg Krogstad; 12) Erik Mosvold; 13) Erik Mosvold; 14) Erik Mosvold; 15) Mike Penney; 16) Tod Sakai; 17) Tod Sakai; 18) Don Larkin; 19) William Feemster; 20) John Gussman; 21) John Gussman; 22) Roger Turk; 23) Greg Krogstad;

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