2012 Digital Art Festival

photo by Kamal Siegel

Despite the somewhat overcast weather in Redmond the weekend of Sept.21,  Digital Art Festival was full of color. From the featured art to the interactive presentations, the festival showed off the depths of the digital art world. Hosted by Kamal Siegel (Program Director), Kevin Harris and Joshua Cherry from Digital Double at DigiPen Institute of Technology, it was a treat to walk the hallways and view the showcased artwork and projects. Upon entering the main lobby was a juried artshow featuring beautiful artwork by some  talented individuals.

artwork by Christopher Irwin

To name a few, Christopher Irwin,  3d Environment Artisit/Level Designer, Steven Grice illustrator/animator and many more. Just past the lobby a table was set up where a person could play a videogame demo called The Bridge, a game inspired by M. C. Escher and made by The Pax 10. Further down the hallway, booths were assembled for visiting and local artists. One such artist was Rodrigo Duéñez of Lapis Lazuli Studio, a company based out of Mexico. He had a laptop playing a fully animated short film called “La oscuridad te habla,” that premiered Sept 28th. On the first and second floor rooms were set up for workshops, like 3D animation and figure drawing. The best part of the festival were the guest speakers including Andreas Deja, who did animation work on Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, photographer Dan Colvin, and Peter Moehrle who is known for his work in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. All in all, the Digital Art Festival was a success and an inspiring way to exposed this unique industry.


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