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The Food Channel predicts the top edible crazes for 2014

108614503The Food Channel recently released a top ten list of food trends to look for in 2014. With more farm-to-table dining, electronically savvy appetites, and experimental foods gaining momentum, 2014 is expected to boast some unique trends when it comes to the dinner table.

The farm-to-table experience has grown significantly, but as its popularity continues to thrive, a shift towards Midwestern food has emerged from the movement. The Food Channel predicts that 2014 will dish up more root veggies and meat than the other farm fresh foods we saw in 2013.

A Victorian era style of tea drinking has aided in curbing appetites with an historically inspired afternoon ritual. “Low tea” which hails its name from the low tables it was traditionally served on, is enjoyed in the afternoon and is commonly accompanied by a light appetizer or finger style food. A projected trend for the coming year, you can blame Downton Abbey for this one.

As more and more people find themselves glued to their smartphones, tablets and other “plugged-in” devices, meals are rarely spent uninterrupted by the ringing, buzzing and flashing of handheld devices. As “distracted dining” prevails, the Food Channel has noticed a trend towards hand-held foods like sandwiches and wraps, which allow your freed-up hand to text, “like” and dial.

Have the gluten-free days of yore been disbanded? The Food Channel says 2014 will host a surge of bread trends including the introduction of new flavors, forms, and even breads that catalyze health benefits.

Investors are literally putting their money where their mouth is, as restaurant stocks soar. Restaurants are expected to be the hot commodity among investors in 2014.

Flavorful spices and foreign styles of food gain popularity as the globalization of food becomes increasingly more popular. Restaurant-goers can expect to find more authentic flavors and culturally diverse food options in the coming year.

Unsuspecting meats and veggies get romantic with the emergence of hybrid foods. We’ve all heard of the sweet and savory coupling of chicken and waffles, but The Food Channel predicts a more intimate and unusual trend where meats are bulked up and made healthier by way of veggie infusion.

The process of pickling has been practiced for thousands of years. But what was once intended as a way of preserving food, is now viewed as an opportunity to create new flavors through chemical change. Pickling and brining are both expected to surge in popularity with the coming year, introducing new flavor concepts to the dinner table.

Maybe online shopping has made life too easy, but what was once a luxury is becoming the norm. Personal shopping and home grocery deliveries are becoming a common way to stock the pantry. And, with a growing population of seniors, these alternative options to the supermarket make for a convenient and often safer way to shop.

From the packaging to the contents, small-batch, craft culture is infiltrating supermarket shelves across the country. Pinterest inspired a wave of do-it-yourselfers in the home, but now that mentality has spilled over into the food industry with handmade goods in high demand.

And, because we live in a virtual age, the 2014 food trend prediction list isn’t complete with the rising popularity of 3D food printing. These printers of the future (today) make it possible to print edible structures ideal for topping cakes and more.

Do you think these trends will soar or flop? Or maybe you have a few predictions of your own? Tell us what you think about this list in the comments below, and to learn more, visit The Food Channel’s 2014 Top Ten Food Trends. Or, see how their predictions for 2013 panned out with The Food Channel’s 2013 Top Ten Food Trends.

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