3 to See: A Murder Mystery, Artist Panel, and Painting Class

The Dinner Detective

Who says a dinner date can’t be a thrilling whodunit? Join the cast of The Dinner Detective, Bellevue’s largest murder mystery dinner show, for an evening that’s as exciting as it is delicious. Guests will interact with the actors, solve clues, and interrogate suspects to solve the fictitious murder — all before the no-good culprit gets off scot-free!

Injustice Murals

Bellevue Arts Museum presents Injustice Murals: Beyond the Hellscape, an artist-led panel on the museum’s Injustice Murals exhibition. Led by curator Dawn Dailey, the discussion will ask audiences to examine their complicated feelings around the pandemic, racism, and unaccountable justice systems.

Beautiful Birds

Harness the power of the great outdoors in Beautiful Birds: Sumi Painting for Anyone Who Wants to Learn. In this Kirkland Arts Center course, students will learn Asian Brush and Ink Painting techniques to create their own sumi (meaning “black ink”) bird paintings. Previous art experience is not required, but an open and excited mind is always recommended.

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