3 to See (At Home): Adopt a Zoo Animal

Digitally Adopt a Zoo Animal

Become the pet-parent of a lovable zoo animal with Woodland Park Zoo’s new ZooParent Digital Adoption program! You receive an adoption certificate with a special photo, a desktop and mobile wallpaper of your animal, online recognition, and more. Animals up for adoption include a baby gorilla, red panda, and Humboldt penguin. As a ZooParent, your donation goes directly to Woodland Park Zoo’s Relief Fund, helping take care of these animals. So adopt your next pet and take the next steps to become a proud ZooParent by clicking here.

Once Upon a Dance

Get the kids moving and learning with OnceUponaDance.org! Featuring movement stories, songs, and more, the website is updated weekly with new, free content. Have the kids join ballerina storytime to practice and learn basic dance concepts in fun and interesting ways, or for some other exercises and meditation. Join in on the fun and click here to check it out!

DIY Catio Spaces

With the additional time we’ve been spending inside, many of us have been changing up our spaces to bring new life to our homes. Have you thought about your pets preferred home styling arrangements, though? Well, make sure both of you are enjoying and getting the most out of your space with help from cat expert Cynthia Chomos! Chomos, a feng shui consultant and founder-designer at Catio Spaces, suggests connecting with nature and bringing some flowers and other foliage indoors, and also trying to get the pets outside for some fresh air. If you have a cat, look into a “catio” — an enclosed outdoor cat patio — where the cat can spend some time safely outdoors to help provide stimulation and enrichment on a daily basis. For DIY instructions and how to build one for your feline friend, click here.

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