Sweet Gift — 3D Printer Makes Custom Gummy Candy

Give something truly unique this holiday season: A gummy candy printed in the shape of your face.

Or, maybe you want to give Harry Potter’s face, or an octopus, or a written message.

Thanks to the Magic Candy Factory at Westfield Southcenter, you can give custom gummy candies, or just save the delicious treats for yourself. The machine is located in the Go! Games & Toys store near Sears.

You also can print company logos — which we did. We went with sour green apple.

Photo by Rachel Coward

Photo by Rachel Coward

The machine is the first-ever vegan 3D gummy printer. The gummy candy is made from natural fruit and vegetable extracts for a fresh taste. It’s also GMO-free certified and free of animal gelatin.

Magic Candy Factory co-founder, Melissa Snover, said she hopes the candy printer will make cutting-edge 3D printing technology accessible. It’s a way to make heady science appealing on a mainstream level. It’s a kiosk that’s open-sided, so you can see the magic happen. You can also have a video of the process emailed to you.

The motto is Clark’s Third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

It takes about five minutes to make a gummy candy, with the printer making layers of the sweet treat. You can also add glitter and other effects.

You can catch the machine in action, from its 2015 launch in Berlin, here:

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