4Perscent Candle Company Illuminates Importance of Self-Care

4Perscent, a PNW-based candle company, offers hand-poured, natural, soy wax candles that stand as a reminder of the importance of a consistent self-care routine in maintaining personal and mental health during challenging times, like those experienced this past year during the pandemic.

The company, which started during the height of COVID-19, foresaw the magnitude of the social impact of the virus was having and continues to have on families and communities, and the need to emphasize mental health care.

“The concept began when the pandemic hit, and the uncertainty we were feeling within our communities. That, sooner or later, reaches our homes, and our families,” 4Perscent founder Jocelyn Macdonald said. “I knew this was going to impact our local communities, but also our global community, and seeing that need to shift our focus to the mental health challenges we’re facing.”

In collaboration with creative director Joshua Lipka, the essential-oil blend self-care candles with their simple yet eye-catching designs are a symbolic reminder, and accompaniment to the time needed to care for oneself each day.

Through the #4PERSCENTChallenge, the company encourages people to take part in any activity that makes them feel more balanced, from exercising to reading to taking a walk — for at least four percent of each day, which roughly equates to less than an hour.

“We need something we can put into place now that allows us to actually plug into life a little bit more,” Macdonald said. “Our candles can represent that reminder for us to show up for ourselves every day, so we can be present for others.”

Macdonald serves as the Chief Advisor Officer of #ICANHELP and Digital4Good, two non-profit organizations supporting youth within the tech sector.

Here, she donates countless hours to working with young interns through mentorship that teaches them the right tools for becoming good digital citizens, navigating the business world, as well as advocating new technological developments by these young adults, culminating into the annual Digital4Good event, April 20-23.

The message is clear — self-care is an important step in addressing the state of mental health in order to live healthy, balanced lives.

“It’s important for us to reserve just a little portion of every day to ourselves, because if we don’t have that self-maintenance, then we can’t show up fully for the people we love the most,” Macdonald said.

Show some self-love by taking at least 4Perscent of each day and setting it aside for some time with self-care candles by 4Perscent. Beginning March 1, products will also be available for purchase on Amazon Handmade.

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