6 Dessert Pies to Try for Thanksgiving + 1 Meat Pie

We’re all about Thanksgiving and turkey in this office, but the thing we might be more excited about is PIE. Any pie will do, from the bright and citrus-y to the warm and caramel-gooey. Last summer we learned how to make the perfect pie, crust included, and we were just waiting for the perfect opportunity to practice our new-found skills.

This past Monday, we held an in-office bake-off, and the office was buzzing all morning while we waited to gather around the conference table and sample six pies. Tell us, could there be a better use for a conference table? We think not.

Listed below are links to the pie recipes our employee-chefs used, with the exception of the Key Lime Pie. Which is unfortunate because this pie won the Golden Spoon Award as the office favorite, and we’d love to share it, but Cooks Illustrated is a subscription site. We’ve linked to the recipe in case you have access to this great kitchen resource. If you don’t, trust us when we say that a Key Lime Pie recipe is worth hunting down. There’s something fantastic to be said for bright green, citrus goodness, and whipped cream on a gray and rainy day.

Crispy Crunchy Caramel-y Apple Pie


Ultimate Mud Pie


 Maple Bourbon Brown Butter Peach Goodness


Blueberry Cream Cheese Pie


Yooper Pasties (Meat Pie)


This is the recipe our employee-chef started with, but he used Russet potatoes and added carrots. But that’s the beauty of hand pies with a flaky buttery crust; you can mix and match the contents to your heart’s desire. We hear dessert pie filling is a particularly fantastic option.

Key Lime Pie


Recipe: Cooks Illustrated (subscription)

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