7 Staycation Summer Dishes

Insalata Di Mare
Blu Sardinia
Not everyone can have a summer home along the coast of Italy, but we can eat like we do. Owner Fabrizio Loi brought his native Sardinian island cuisine to the seafood-loving Northwest, a perfect combination of shared passions. Where many places offer seafood as a seasonal special, Blu Sardinia features it heavily on its menu, like the beautiful insalata di mare. Per its name, this ìsalad of the seaî is shrimp, cuttlefish, octopus, mussels, and clams, steamed to retain the ingredients’ delicate texture, and tossed in a simple extra virgin olive oil and lemon dressing. 8862 161st Ave. N.E., Redmond.


Photos by Denise Sakaki

Mini Huaraches Con Nopales
Ámonos! Mexican Kitchen
Savor Mexico without a passport by having some authentic fare from ¡monos! Mexican Kitchen. Full of familiar items like street tacos and giant burritos, the menu also offers huaraches, an open-faced thick tortilla piled high with black beans, cheese, onions, queso fresco, meat of your choice, and pickled nopales (cactus). 15321 Main St. N.E., Duvall, and a taco truck in Bellevue.

Hidden Beach Cocktail
La Isla Cuisine
For the summer days when you’re longing for a sandy beach and a tropical cocktail, La Isla can make half that wish come true. The traditional Puerto Rican cuisine offers plenty of flavorful rich dishes, which go well with a rum-based cocktail to wash it down. One of the signature drinks, the Hidden Beach, combines Meyers and Don Q rums, decadent coconut cream, lime and cilantro for freshness, and ginger beer to give the libation a refreshing effervescence. Locations in Seattle and Redmond.

Bó Lá Lót
The fragrant, spicy smells emanating from Monsoonís open kitchen will transport you to the energetic streets of Saigon, and the menu reflects the colorful, complex cuisine of Vietnam. A street food favorite turned into a beautiful delicacy, bó lá lót is seasoned Painted Hills beef wrapped in aromatic lá lót leaves and cooked over an open flame, releasing the leavesí peppery, grassy perfume and keeping the beef moist and tender. Dipped in nunó’c châm fish sauce, itís a hearty and flavorful nibble as you sit back with a cold beer on a hot summer day. Locations in Bellevue and Seattle.

Fish and Chips
Three Lions Pub
You can’t always watch your favorite football team play in England, but you can have the next best thing – watching the match on the telly, hollering with fellow fans in an authentic British pub. Surrounded by UK memorabilia and a proper beer menu from across the Pond, the comfort food favorite to go with that pint is a basket of fish and chips. This classic is made truly spot-on with an array of chip flavorings like tart malt vinegar and the “Brown Sauce,” a spicy, tangy bottled sauce popular throughout the U.K. Skip the ketchup and do as the locals do. Locations in Bothell and Redmond.

The Korea House
Japchae, jabchae, chapchae – however you spell it, this Korean glass noodle dish is a wonderful way to expand oneís repertoire of unique international eats. Thin, transparent vermicelli-like noodles made of sweet potato starch are tossed with colorful matchstick-sized pieces of vegetables and greens, thin slices of marinated beef, and dressed in a simple soy and sesame-based sauce. 20615 Bothell-Everett Highway, Bothell.

Champagne Mousse
Belle Pastry
Try the French mousses, heavenly confections carefully sliced to show off their beautifully multi-layered interiors. If cake had an elegant Parisian cousin, the Champagne Mousse would be it. A layer of airy Brut Champagne mousse decorated with bright raspberry-soaked pears, slathered with a brûléed meringue topping and fresh berries, it’s a petite gâterie that will make you feel like you’re sitting in a French patisserie. Locations in Redmond and Bellevue.

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