7 Workout Trends to Try

  1. Pound  A group fitness craze taking off due to its musical appeal and unique concept, Pound is a full-body cardio workout using Ripstix — essentially lightly weighted drumsticks. Constant drumming, plyometrics, isometric movements, and Pilates combine for a muscle-sculpting workout perfect for anyone who just likes to rock out and get down to music. The routines are simple and fun, so they are perfect for all skill levels.
  2. Paddleboard Yoga  Stand up paddle boarding is both relaxing and enjoyable. Paired with yoga, it’s even better. Focus your mind and build your strength and balance while also paddling around in the water and staying cool. Group classes suit various skills levels, usually include board rental, and have instructors who guide you through the techniques, poses, and mind exercises. Find it at Log Boom Park in Kenmore through Leela Yoga Studio
  3. Parkour  Climb walls and master your ninja skills with Parkour. Parkour is the art of controlling your movements with mind and body to overcome obstacles. At Parkour gyms, such as MoveFree Academy in Redmond and Bellevue, you can learn how to correctly climb, jump, roll, swing, land, and fall. Classes teach the artful techniques and guide students through stages and goals. 
  4. Pedal Pushers  Sometimes working out feels just like partying in a nightclub. Mood lighting, candles, upbeat music, and inspiring instructors are what the newest indoor biking classes to hit the Eastside are all about. Burn calories with cardio that centers on working out your whole body (and mind). There are a lot of classes for beginners to seasoned spinners at SoulCycle Studio at Bellevue Square, CycleBar at Redmond Town Center, and Flywheel Sports in Bellevue.
  5. Hit The Barre  Looking to achieve long, lean muscles like a ballerina? Classic techniques from ballet come together with a modern twist to create this full-body workout using the ballet barre and small, muscle-sculpting, fat-burning, isometric movements. Pure Barre, barre3, and The Bar Method are a few Eastside places to check out. Or get off the bike at Flywheel in Bellevue and try its FlyBarre classes. People who attend barre classes say its great for clearing the mind. 
  6. JabX Kickboxing  Punch it out! A classic alternative fitness method, JabX Kickboxing in Bellevue encourages a strong mind, body, and spirit. Classes for all experience levels teach you how to kick, knee, elbow, and punch in ways that build strength and burn major calories. It’s a great form of stress relief in addition to a full body workout.
  7. Elevated Sportz Ultimate Trampoline Park Do you like to jump for joy? Bounce your way to fitness with all different types of trampolines at Elevated Sportz Ultimate Trampoline Park in Bothell. This is a great one for kids, too. Various activities — including a lazer maze! — and programs make this perfect for anyone looking for some fun physical activity.
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