70 Ferraris are Driving into Renton

Ferrari5When someone sees a Ferrari drive by, it is nearly impossible not to do a double take. Now imagine not one or two- but 70 Ferraris together in the 425 area!

The Ferrari Concours d’Elegance is truly one of a kind for the entire Northwest, free to the public and hosted in Renton on July 10th.

It is the 3rd Annual production for the NW Region of the Ferrari Club of America. The Concours attracts over a thousand spectators as they walk through rows and rows of the exotic cars. Potential participants include a LaFerrari, 250 GTO, and countless 458 Ferraris.

“The Ferrari Club’s role is to organize the event with the support of the Club members who volunteer,” Regional Director William Howard shared. “Our mission is to inspire ownership, preservation and restoration of the vehicle. However, moreover, we want to not only perfect the beauty of a Ferrari, but to share it with the community.”

Concours chairman Dave Tegeler stated what makes the event special is not only the exotic cars, but the experience.

Ferrari2“Unlike most car events, a Concours d’Elegance is a celebration of the “breed over time” so to speak, with many classes of cars covering different models that are judged on a points scale by qualified judges.” The automobiles will be divided into classes, including Famous Race Cars and People’s Choice awards.
Some of the local judges are well-respected enthusiasts, a couple with “Pebble Beach” experience, which is the most prestigious car event worldwide.

To many, all Ferraris are unique and beautiful. How could one possible ‘judge’ the cars, especially when some range $3 to $40 Million?!

Will Diefenbach, chief judge, explained that judging is in accordance with the Ferrari Club of America rules and is based on the originality and authenticity of the car.

“Judging covers three aspects of a car; 1.) The exterior; 2.) The interior; 3.) The Engine and chassis,” Diefenbach continued. “Cars start with 100 points (representing a perfect example of the model) and points are deducted by the judges for deficiencies. Points are deducted for example, for such things as wrong size tires, wrong floor mats, incorrect paint or finishes and so on.”

Ferrari4At the end of the event a large ceremony takes place with trophies for each class winner and a celebration of Concours.

Although Tegeler shared that there are challenges putting on such a pristine event, planning almost a year in advance and managing delegated chairmen and dozens of volunteers, just one simple thing makes it all worthwhile.

“The most rewarding part of the Ferrari Concours is having all the visitors and the sponsors saying, ‘That was a really nice event’ and ‘Wow, what amazing cars!’” he said.

Regardless of if you’re an avid car enthusiast or simply enjoy gorgeous workmanship, the estimated 70 to 80 iconic Italian cars are something not to miss.

Location: 13200 Lake Kathleen Rd. S.E., Renton

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