A Look Inside Woodinville Whiskey Co.

Surrounded by dozens of wineries in the heart of Woodinville, a popular company is quickly turning wine country into whiskey country. At the beginning of the craft distilling boom, longtime friends Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile took their idea and formed what is known today as Woodinville Whiskey Co. After various high-mark awards, accolades, and a cult following of spirit sippers, they built a new tasting room and distillery with enough room for their ever-expanding business. Once arriving and stepping through the massive wood doors, you are met with the scent of grain distilling, the sounds of staff pouring at the tasting bar, and the sight of a remarkable 25-foot-tall copper still off in the distance. While touring and tasting, you are able to watch the staff diligently tend to the process — pouring grain, rolling barrels, and tasting each step to ensure the final bottle passes the founders’ expectations.

All in a Day’s Work

Photo by Jeff Hobson




A custom copper still — hand-forged by third-generation craftsmen — produces seven barrels of whiskey each day.

Aged to Perfection

Photo by Jeff Hobson





Each oak barrel is new and ages in Quincy, where hot days and cold nights contribute to an award-winning product.

Mixing it Up

Photo by Jeff Hobson





Locally sourced grain from Quincy is one of the key ingredients.

Step Right Up

Photo by Jeff Hobson





Get up close to the entire process when taking an informative tour with distillers.

Best Part of the Job

Photo by Jeff Hobson





Co-founder Brett Carlile tastes a sip from an aged oak barrel.

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