A New Podcast Shows a Different Side of Esteemed Sommeliers

In July, the Washington State Wine Commission released a digital series of discussions between host and marketing director David Flaherty and top wine professionals both locally and regionally.

The podcast, Sommlight, delves deeper into what’s behind the often serious and polished exteriors of esteemed sommeliers to reveal a side many have never gotten a chance to see. While the virtuoso sommeliers or “somms” are the epitome of professionalism in their area of expertise, Flaherty looks to find out what really motivates and inspires them behind the scenes.

“Sommeliers are so professional by nature that it’s been fascinating to pull back the curtain a bit, have some fun, and reveal the complexities and unique qualities everyone can relate to,” Flaherty said in a recent press release.

Episode One opens with renowned sommelier and SOMLYAY, LLC founder Erik Segelbaum, formerly of Bellevue and the Seattle-area Schwartz Brother Restaurants. Flaherty asks guests questions like “what’s your favorite trashy food and wine pairing?” to break the ice and uncover the realness and humor hidden within the sometimes-austere language associated with wine.

Although many area sommeliers are highlighted, Flaherty speaks with wine experts from around the country, like Sylvester Inda, of New York City’s Keen’s Steakhouse. The most recent episode features a conversation between Flaherty and Kat Thomas, wine educator at the Hakkasan Group in Las Vegas.

Listen in (or watch) for an enjoyable, entertaining learning experience. You’ll not only find out more about what makes great sommeliers successful but what motivates them.

Both longer audio portions and short video segments can be listened to or viewed across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, IGTV, and at Sommlight. New episodes are released on Thursdays.

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