A Service-Based Family Trip to Alaska

Global Family Travels, an organization that aims to build bridges across cultures through sustainable and intentional travel, will host a family-friendly trip to Alaska this summer. The trip, which is a part of the company’s Learn, Serve & Immerse initiative, will focus on connecting participants with the families who call Alaska home.

As people on the service-based trip spend time with these families, they also will help support young kids as they learn to read. Alaska ranks among the lowest in the nation in terms of childhood literacy, and Global Family Travels has partnered with the Read On the Fly project to help change this. 

So, what does this look like? Children and parents who participate in a Global Family Travels adventure this summer will live with local communities and spend time offering books to kids and parents to encourage reading for pleasure. It is the hope of both organizations that this experience will help introduce age-appropriate reading material into every Alaskan family’s home — the lack of which exacerbates low literacy rates — while connecting people and cultures.

On top of the literacy-based connections that families will have the opportunity to build, they also will visit canine athletes to learn about dog-mushing in Alaska and spend time in Denali National Park and Preserve. 

The trip, led by Read on the Fly founder Erin Kirkland, will run from July 29–Aug. 4. For more details, visit globalfamilytravels.com. 

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