ACME Premium Ice Cream Adds Keto-Friendly Flavors

New to Eat Local shelves in July, ACME Ice Cream collaborated with Eat Local and Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson to create a line of Keto-friendly ice creams.

The three flavors — Bacon Maple, Butter Pecan, and Vanilla Bean — feature even more cream, egg yolks, and milk protein powder as well as replacing the sugar with erythritol and stevia to maintain a very low carb appeal. 

Bellingham-based ACME Ice Cream was founded in the tiny hamlet of Acme, Washington, best known for its creamy characters — grass-munching cows living the bovine dream in Whatcom County.

Rich cream, local berries, organic coffee, and other premium ingredients like Guittard chocolate and Madagascar vanilla would be enough to make any ice cream tasty, but it’s what is not added that makes ACME Ice Cream such a treat.

Unlike most other ice creams, ACME Ice Cream does not have any air added during the mixing process, meaning not only is there more actual product in the container; there also is a distinct concentration of flavor.

Every bite tastes more richly of fresh strawberries, espresso, scratch-baked brownies, delivered in a thick ribbon of creamy goodness. It’s ice cream to celebrate life’s daily victories (like that PTSA budget committee meeting).

Get the scoops at the new Mercer Island Eat Local store or the one on Capitol Hill. ACME Ice Cream is available at Metropolitan Markets, Haggen, select Whole Foods, and New Seasons Markets.

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