Ambika Singh

CEO and Co-founder of Armoire

Ambika Singh noticed a hole in the fashion market as a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: She wanted competitive edge not only in her career but also in her wardrobe, but she didn’t have the time, money, or “shopping IQ” to do so. When talking to some friends about the issue and pressures the “modern bosslady” feels to dress well, she realized the wide-reaching problem. It was then she started Armoire, an online wardrobe service that connects clients with a personal stylist who curates a rentable “dream closet” for a flat monthly fee. The Eastside native, who now resides in Seattle, where Armoire is based, shared a few of her favorite local bites and sources of inspiration.


Inspiration Board

Reading Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

Listening to NPR

Favorite Places to Travel Spicy, warm, new


Wrapped Up via Creative Commons

Go-to Power Outfit Bright-colored jumpsuit. BAM!

To Feel Confident I focus on what I know to be true: I have prepared; I am supported by so many; I am flanked by bold, strong women.

Favorite Fashion Trend Marigold everything


Favorite Places

To Relax I love taking my dog to Wetherill Nature Preserve between Yarrow Point and Hunts Point. It’s gorgeous and serene.

For Dinner Monsoon. The Bahn siblings took pity on me as a college student with no experience and hired me as a busgirl at the restaurant. I learned a tremendous amount from each of them, but one lesson really stuck: an absolutely, uncompromising commitment to excellence in every way.

Beetroot Latte

Courtesy Jujubeet

To Grab a Drink Jujubeet Café. The Green Limeade will change your life, and it’s run by an amazing boss lady entrepreneur.

To Be Inspired: This is super nerdy, but I love driving by International Community School, where I went to middle school and high school. The teachers and families I grew up with there are still my community, and I am inspired by them deeply.



Fashion is something that many women seem to struggle with. Why do you think that is? I think we struggle because in actuality what we want to wear really changes daily — and sometimes even throughout the day. How we feel physically changes, the context changes, and how we want to project ourselves through our ARMOR (our clothing) really varies. However, because of the time and monetary investment required with traditional shopping, we can’t keep up with our changing desires. Curated rental changes that.

Clothes on hangers

Micheile Henderson via Unsplash

What advice do you have when it comes to expanding someone’s fashion horizons? Just try. Seriously. We love trying new cocktails, meeting new people, and traveling to new places. Do the same thing with your clothes. Remember: Like trying a new food or restaurant, it’s only temporary. Don’t stress; just try it. See how you feel.

What do you want clients of Armoire to take away from the experience? I want them to feel the incredible lightness and joy that comes from experiencing new things — without accumulation or serious expenditure. I want them to feel great about themselves and proud to be putting themselves first, but also being responsible with the environment and their wallets.


is an assistant editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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