Area Police Chiefs Respond to Immigration Questions

Since Donald Trump, who strongly opposed illegal immigration during his campaign, was elected president, questions about immigration protocol from local police departments have started to stir. Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett told The Seattle Times his department would not ask about immigration status or apprehend undocumented immigrants unless they were suspected of a serious crime. We reached out to other local police chiefs about their policies.

1Kirkland has had a longstanding policy never to ask for immigration papers. We want people to know that our job is to protect and serve the entire community, and no resident should fear reporting any crime or intimidation, regardless of their immigration status. Our mission has not changed and will not change.”
— Chief Cherie Harris, Kirkland Police


2“Our policy hasn’t changed. Redmond Police is committed to protecting and serving our entire community, and
we do not ask about immigration status. We want every resident, employee, and visitor in Redmond to feel comfortable reporting crimes or suspicious activity to us.” — Chief Kristi Wilson, Redmond Police


24“The Issaquah Police Department is committed to providing law-enforcement services to the community with due regard for the racial, cultural, or other differences of those served. It is the policy of our department to provide law-enforcement services and to enforce the law equally, fairly, and without discrimination toward any individual or group, regardless of their immigration status. We want all members of our community to feel safe and secure in working with our department, interacting with our officers, and accessing city services. We are ensuring that our officers have clear direction not to inquire about immigration status when interacting with our community.” — Chief Scott Behrbaum, Issaquah Police

Photos courtesy  Courtesy Kirkland Police, via Twitter; Courtesy Kristi Wilson, via Linkedin; Chief Scott Behrbaum

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