Asher Goods to Open at Redmond Town Center

Outdoors enthusiasts will have another option for sturdy apparel and gear with a new Asher Goods location at Redmond Town Center.

The 1,400-square-foot space is slightly larger than the Kirkland store, which opened in 2011 after a stint in Seattle in 2008. The recreational goods store caters mainly to men, but is slowly expanding apparel for women — starting with sturdy Red Wing Heritage boots and leather jackets, said co-owner Jerry Morris. Asher Goods carries tried and true brands that are meant to last a lifetime and actually get better with age, including Stetson, Filson, Duluth Pack, and Yeti.

Morris said he and his business partner, Matt Lawrence, were drawn to Redmond as a second location because of the improvements being made to Redmond Town Center, and because there aren’t any other outfitters similar to Asher Goods there currently. The two have been growing the store slowly and organically, and Redmond felt like a natural fit.

“We’ve never been in a huge hurry to open as many stores as possible,” Morris said. “We wanted everything to be thought out, and we wanted it to be the right place.”

Asher Goods is opening soon along with a handful of other shops at Redmond Town Center.

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