Slideshow: Bainbridge Island Arts Museum Features Local Landscape Painter

Did you know that Bainbridge Island has its own art museum? The Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, or BIMA for short, first opened this past June and has since had more than 30,000 visitors walk through its doors. The museum expects to host about 12-16 rotating shows each year, and admission is currently free thanks to the generous donations of sponsors and members.

Located only a block away from the Seattle/Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, BIMA is easily accessible to out of town visitors The museum’s first major solo retrospective showcases the work of a Bainbridge local and is called Gayle Bard: A Singular Vision. The exhibit showcases a wide variety of mediums and subject matter that span Bard’s career as an artist from the 1970’s on. Her work includes installations, sculptures and prints.

The highlights of the exhibit, though, are the 40 large format landscape paintings. In many of these paintings, over 3/4ths of the canvas is taken over by a beautifully rendered sky. The prevalence of dynamic clouds and use of chiaroscuro, the dramatic contrast of light and dark, is reminiscent of traditional Dutch landscape paintings.

Yet Bard’s style has a smooth and almost flat quality that is decidedly a modern approach to landscape painting. Her paintings are almost too beautiful to be real places, and they evoke a certain dream or memory like nuance.

For lovers of Pacific Northwest Art, this exhibit is certainly a must see. Gayle Bard: A Singular Vision will be on display until January 5th. Find out more about the artist and BIMA here.


Images courtesy Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

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