Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen Hops into Food Truck Scene

What do lamb chops, mac and cheese, asparagus tart and seared scallops all have in common? No, this isn’t the punch line of a joke, they’ll all be featured on the menu of the brand spanking new Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen! While you can’t track down the food truck just yet, it will certainly satisfy when it makes its debut at Chateau Ste. Michelle’s Staycation event on Sunday, May 26.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen has big travel plans at the moment. Instead, the food truck will be used for catering special events such as weddings, wine tastings and more. But that doesn’t mean that the mobile kitchen won’t be taking part in select food truck events around the region. Trust us, it will be, and knowing that it has been designed as Barking Frog Executive Chef Bobby Moore’s dream mobile kitchen makes the wait all the more enticing.

According to a Barking Frog representative, the truck’s design will appear “whimsical and fun, but on brand (nothing over the top and silly).” From what we’ve seen, those words hold true—with its eye-catching faux-wood design and witty tag lines, it will be hard to miss!

Also featured on the menu will be other Barking Frog favorites such as the Grand Marnier prawns, roasted hand-cut fries, the Ninety Farms beef burger, Wagyu short ribs and pork belly sliders! They won’t only satisfy your palate, either; your wallet will leave happy too, with all items under $15, and most under $10.

Barking Frog’s home base has been a foodie-destination for years, now, leaving customers full and happy. For Chef Bobby Moore, leaving his customers satisfied is what the Barking Frog name represents—when the frogs are croaking, they’re happy, and that’s how he wants his customers to feel as they eat the food he loves creating.


is a contributor to 425 magazine.
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