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Bangs, natural curl, and pops of bold color are just a taste of some of the hottest trends we’ll see in hair and makeup for spring 2019, according to local beauty experts. To learn more, we asked these beauty gurus to share some of the coolest looks they spotted on local and worldwide runways recently.


425: What were some of the coolest makeup trends you spotted on the runway at this year’s Bellevue Fashion Week?

Anta Pinzari

Anta Pinzari. Photo by Kirk Tran.

Anta Pinzari, hairstylist at Issaquah’s Sorella Salon & Spa: My favorite trend is a simple, understated eye with a bold, cranberry-red lip. … The classic smoky eye, with a smudged-out liner and nude lip is here to stay. We’re seeing smoky golden tones in spring 2019 as a hot trend.

bold makeup

Mihail Stefan on Unsplash

James Todd

James Todd. Photo by Rachel Coward.

James Todd, vice president of creative for Gene Juarez Salons & Spas, creative collab director, home salons Bellevue and University Village: As we look toward spring ’19, the over-highlighted and contoured skin is taking a back seat. We’ll see clear, fresh skin with pops of extreme color splashed across the eye or lip with bold, graphic statement — Valentino spring ’19 is a wow example of both.


425: Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report for spring/summer 2019 lists an array of “empowering,” colors for bold locks, including “fiesta” red and a midnight blue. How do you think its top colors will impact makeup trends?

Pinzari: Bold colors make a fearless statement, especially in the world of makeup. As makeup styles are moving toward minimal eye makeup, all the focus is on the lips. Pantone’s fashion colors are empowering and will inspire people to take risks that are out of their ordinary comfort level. For example, a simple royal-blue eyeliner and nude lip will add a pop of color without doing too much. Makeup bloggers like myself are going to have a lot of fun with the help of Pantone’s fashion colors for inspiration.

Todd: Chanel swathed lips with a vibrant coral color that looked amazing on the likes of Kaia Gerber. But the most impactful use of color will be more and more use of fashion hair color. Over a dozen models opted for color on the Marc Jacobs spring ’19 runway. And our salons are busier than ever in the fashion color segment.


425: Let’s talk about hair. What are the hottest hair trends we’ll see in spring 2019?

Wesley Kelly

Wesley Kelly. Photo by Kirk Tran.

Wesley Kelly, master stylist at Sorella Salon & Spa:
The top trend that we will see in spring 2019 is fringe! Specifically, a ’60s-inspired curtain bang that sits on the eyebrow. This is very versatile for all hair types. Braids will still be popular, but much smaller braids, little accents to your hairstyle. On the runway, we saw the wet, fresh-out-of-the-shower and combed/slicked-back hair. … Hair accessories will be all the rave; whether it’s glitter, hats, or embellished bobby
pins and clips,
you’ll be seeing a lot of them.

Taylor LaShae

Courtesy Taylor LaShae via Instagram.

Todd: Most important is the new bob. Shorter and less inverted, like social media darling Taylor LaShae, or featuring my work on local model Michelle Green.


Blair Nicole Sams for Skeleton Key Studios

425: What beauty trends are you most excited about?

Jennie Savage

Jennie Savage. Photo by Kirk Tran.

Jennie Savage, senior stylist at Sorella Salon & Spa: The natural and undone vibe will be the look for 2019, and I am really excited about it! Unstructured waves and curls will be the look we see throughout 2019. For a Friday/Saturday night look, a high ponytail, messy topknot, or low tight bun with side wisps are all beautiful and trendy looks. Alternatively, if you want to wear your hair down, do a center part.

natural and undone

photo by Kirk Tran.

Todd: The extra-long beach wave is feeling dated. That trend will be heavily associated with unrealistic extensions and the overexposed “Real Housewives.” Women wanting to feel modern are shearing off their locks to leave the old behind. And curl! Legitimate, real curls. With our nation being more and more multicultural, curl is stepping out in a way we haven’t seen in decades. And I love it!

Mike Von on Unsplash

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