Bellevue Arts Museum Announces Interim Executive Director

The Bellevue Arts Museum recently announced that it appointed Leigh Ann More as its interim executive director.

The appointment was made effective Monday, April 19. More succeeds BAM’s most recent executive director and chief curator, Benedict Heywood. Heywood resigned in March after several artists called for his removal, highlighting disrespectful behavior toward the museum’s first Black woman guest curator and artists of color.

According to the release, More has been part of the BAM community for more than a decade. She first joined the museum’s docent program in 2010 and led the teen docent program beginning that year through 2018.

In 2020, More joined the BAM Board of Trustees.

“There is healing to be done and I will be doing a lot listening to BAM staff, docents, board, and community to help BAM pave a positive path forward,” More said in the release regarding the appointment. “We are so fortunate to be located in the heart of downtown Bellevue. BAM is an organization that values its community, artists, volunteers, has deep-rooted community connections, and recognizes and showcases our outstanding Northwest artists. We want to be a welcoming place for everyone to visit, view, and discuss art and its impact.”

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