Bellevue Designer’s Signature Style Seen in Music Video

Bellevue jewelry/clothing designer Maja Arnold and her son Lukas were at the filming of the Tay Da Prince “Love One Another” (featuring John Legend) charity single video. Both her “Hope” shirt and her son (who was wearing it) can be seen in the video.

Maja Arnold sporting “Hope” shirt design. Courtesy Maja Arnold.

Released in May of 2020, the video was inspired as a call to action against gun violence and is meant to bring people together. The mission has since evolved as proceeds from shopping Tay Da Prince’s collection are now going to Feeding America and Second Harvest Food Bank.

“Everyone was so nice,” Arnold said. In addition to Legend, they also met Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, and musicians MAJOR, Jermaine Carter, and J Young MDK. “There were a lot of regular people involved, too, each with their own story. People like us, trying to make a difference by spreading love and kindness.”

Arnold’s uplifting brand and connections got them the invite.

Through her beautifully handcrafted monogrammed jewelry and clothing that shares positive messages, she gives people a way of keeping loved ones close to their hearts, and evokes a sense of hope and happiness.

Her business was formed as a way for Arnold to “live her truth,” inspired by the loss of baby daughter Isabella to SIDS, and with continued dedication when Isabella’s twin brother, Lukas, later battled cancer.

Lukas Arnold poses for a selfie with John Legend on set. Courtesy Maja Arnold.

She and her son Lukas, who is in remission, had an amazing opportunity to expand their positivity brand and mission on the set of the video. They also are involved with Love Notes — which is one of the producers of the video that flew them to L.A. in October.

She’s thrilled her son can be seen in the video with the “Hope” shirt she designed.

“This was amazing for him, and a way to share his own mission of giving courage to other children and showing them that they can do anything if they believe in themselves,” she said.

While Arnold and her family continue to share their story — a story not just of love and kindness, but of courage, hope, and healing — she has begun posting the inspirational stories of others here.

Check out her meaningful T-shirts, sweatshirts, and monogrammed jewelry at her online shop, or allow her to create an authentic piece just for you. A portion of all sales is donated to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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