Bellevue’s TautUSA Celebrates 6 Years in U.S.

Bellevue-based TautUSA, which provides anti-aging and skin-care solutions that incorporate a holistic “inside out and outside in” approach to health and beauty, is celebrating six years in the U.S. and the recent launch of its advanced formula containing grape seed extract and elastin.

“Taut’s U.S. success is a result of us repositioning the brand and updating the formulation to better suit our savvy and demanding customers. Taut Collagen’s premium ingredients and proprietary formula really deliver visible transformation and effective results. That’s what our customers want and are willing to pay for,” stated Larry Pederson, founder of RenewAlliance, which does business as TautUSA. Hailing from Singapore, Taut Collagen Skincare initially made waves as the company that first formulated a “luxe” drinkable liquid collagen shot inspired by Japanese beauty shops. The company recently introduced its advanced formula containing grape seed extract and elastin. Each 1.7-ounce bottle contains 13,000 milligrams of Type 1 marine collagen peptides derived from wild-caught red snapper, plus five skin-loving ingredients (hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, elastin, ceramide, Vitamin C). These ingredients work synergistically to super-charge production of new skin collagen, boost hydration and firmness, slow signs of aging, and promote skin that looks years younger naturally, the company stated. In addition, the brand bundles Taut Collagen with other Taut products to develop programs that target different skin concerns, such as hyperpigmentation; acne scars; varicose veins; and dry, dull skin.

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