Beth Rosania

Photo by Darcy Brixey

Photo by Darcy Brixey

Occasionally, characters from children’s books wander into Beth Rosania’s dreams. “When I find myself in dire dream straits, brave and creative characters — not necessarily from the same book — will jump in and help me realize my heroic potential. I find myself wondering who else might turn up, and then my alarm goes off,” she said. Rosania is the the youth services manager for King County Library System. She works for libraries, introducing kids to iconic characters. She loves to be a matchmaker for books and young readers. We asked her about stories that are making a big impact on kids these days, and what she likes to do outside of the literary worlds that captivate her. 

Favorite places

To relax Relax? Don’t know the meaning of the word. There’s so much life to experience.

For dinner Fancy is Canlis. Filling is Maggiano’s. Fun is Red Robin. Frugal is my own kitchen — cooking is my stress reliever!

For coffee or tea I love the chai at The Spotted Cow in Mill Creek Town Center.

To buy clothes I combine thrift store specials and Target buys with some homemade pieces; I like to reimagine stuff.

rhododendron-flower-bud-bloom-87055To work out Indoor is Bothell or Bellevue YMCAs; outdoors are the trails that connect the Wilburton Hill Park and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

To let loose Disney World or Disneyland

Travel destination Places I’ve been and would go again in a heartbeat: the coast of Maine and London. Places I want to go are Iceland, Costa Rica, Alaska, and New Zealand.

Inspiration Board

Books The Rosie Project, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? and The Woman in Cabin 10 are contemporary favorites. Classically, I’m a sucker for anything Shakespeare or Agatha Christie.

TV shows Murdock Mysteries, Gilmore Girls (old and new), A Series of Unfortunate Events

Movie Love Actually (a hopeful romantic)

Favorite quote “Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of the unlived life. You don’t have to live forever; you just have to live.” — Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

Favorite fictional character Hermione Granger. We’re a bit alike.

HeidiWho inspires you? For sheer pluck, Mother Teresa. For sheer cool, Audrey Hepburn.

Three books every kid should read Anything Dr. Seuss, all the Harry Potters, and John Green — take your pick, and that about covers it! I know that’s more than three, but it’s like asking a parent to name their favorite child. It’s not happening.

The first book you fell in love with as a kid? Heidi. I wanted to live on the mountain and toast cheese on a stick and play with the goats.

is the managing editor at 425 magazine. Email her.
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