Bigfoot Script Challenge Open for Submissions

The Seattle area has become synonymous with a lot of things: flannel, music, coffee, tech. Two Northwest natives and writers, Jeremy J. Dodd and Jonathan Keasey, think that the PNW has the potential to be a bustling hub for screenwriting — and that it just needs a little nudge to get there.

So, the two started the Bigfoot Northwest Script Challenge, which will award $6,500 along with unparalleled Hollywood access to winning screenwriters. The new competition has partnered with Seattle’s Vulcan Productions, one of the largest production companies in Washington, and Washington Filmworks.

“Vulcan and Washington Filmworks, like our LA partners, recognize Seattle is known for more than grunge, coffee, and software,” Jeremy J. Dodd said in a statement. “The region also has prolific writing talent. All that’s needed is a little spotlight and it’ll shine.”

The competition is not exclusive to Northwest writers — in fact, writers from across the globe who are 18 or older and who have earned less the $50,000 (or the foreign equivalent) as screenwriters should strongly consider submitting scripts.

Winners will be announced at the Seattle Film Summit on November 17 and 18 at Hotel Interurban in Tukwila. By submitting a winning script to the competition, writers will earn a fellowship with top industry professionals from Hollywood.

“Fellowships are a smart and relatively easy way to do something that’s extremely hard: get your work seen by someone who can actually make a difference,” said Sean Robbins of Paramount Studios’ Broken Road Productions, which will offer the first fellowship through Bigfoot.

Other sponsors of the Bigfoot Script Challenge include Votiv, The Film School, Northwest Screenwriters Guild, and Seattle University.

The purpose of the competition is to unearth a fresh generation of talented screenwriters as well as give the Northwest a reputation as a screenwriting powerhouse.

Submissions to the Bigfoot Script Challenge must be made by Oct. 15.

is an assistant editor at 425 magazine.
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