End-of-Summer Sweetness: Blackberry Cocktail

In September, food and gorgeous produce are at their best. Maybe it’s the little kid in me, but blackberries mean September. The last little bit of sweetness and juiciness of the season, so perfectly captured in one tiny bite. They’re wild and free just like the summers I remember when Issaquah was like the Wild West, and backyards, side streets, and fields were open and bursting with berries.



Blackberry Thyme Prosecco Cocktails

Photos by Kate Price

1 cup blackberries, plus a few for garnish

10 sprigs fresh thyme (or oregano), plus 6 sprigs for garnish

½ bottle of Prosecco + 9 ounces vodka or gin

1 lemon, peeled into 6 rind peels

6 splashes of St. Germaine, Lillet or a homemade honey simple syrup (optional to sweeten)


Combine blackberries, thyme leaves, vodka/gin with ice in a large shaker. Shake well to combine. Split Prosecco among the glasses, leaving a little room in each. Distribute cocktail shaker mixture among the glasses, adding in a splash of any of the sweeteners above, if desired. Garnish each glass with a blackberry, lemon peel, and sprig of thyme. Makes six drinks.


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