White Truffles and Blue Lobsters

Cedarbrook Lodge will cap its robust year-long Culinary Adventures series with an inaugural Winter Truffle Experience in early December, and to celebrate they are bringing an extra special rare item to their already impressive menu.

The Lodge’s Copperleaf Restaurant plans to serve butter poached bleu lobster “a la truffe blanche.” The dish will include parsnip mousseline, a Concord grape emulsion, and shaved white truffles.

The blue lobsters used for the dish are rare along the east coast of the United States, however they are more readily available across the sea off the coast of France, which is where Copperleaf Culinary Director Roy Breiman first encountered the crustacean.

“We’re always looking for what unique experiences we can bring to our guests next — through our Culinary Adventures series and beyond — and I thought, ‘what can we prepare that would elevate the extravagant white truffle,’” he said in a statement. “I found the answer in the Brittany bleu lobster.”

The $250 dish will only be available from Dec. 5th through 11th in conjunction with the Winter Truffle Experience, which runs Dec. 9th and 10th.

The weekend events also will include talks with truffle experts including; Susanne Carreiro, author of The Dog Who Ate the Truffle; Jeremy Faber, owner of Foraged and Found Edibles; and guest Riley Starks from Lummi Island Wild with loyal truffle dog, Stella.

For more information visit cedarbrooklodge.com.

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