Bow Down

Spring Fashion

Silk Chiffon Midi Dress

Dance of the Firebird’ Silk Chiffon Midi Dress $1,320, Valentina & Valentia,;
Gold headpiece, $180, and Vintage flower Swarovski gold crown, $250, Namiko Abloom,;
Sage Phoenix Neckpiece, $2,750, and Makeda bracelet, $195, Lunaversoul,



Galactic Taffeta Tea Dress LMC

Galactic Taffeta Tea Dress, $645, OWL by LMC,;
‘Diamond Caress’ necklace, $2,850, Namiko Abloom




Pleated Dress

Crane pleated dress, $1,450, DEVONATION,;
Tea Time cuffs, $85, African Bwa Sun Mask ring, $105, and Chelan Blues triangle drop earrings, $85, Lunaversoul




Gold Star Eyebrows

‘Gabriel’ Nude Silk Chiffon Maxi Dress, $1,850, Valentina & Valentia;
Sunburst flower earrings, $125, Lunaversoul



Dreamcatcher necklace

Dreamcatcher necklace, $385, Lunaversoul



Oversized Chiffon Kerchief

‘Scheherazade’ Oversized Silk Chiffon Kerchief, $580, Valentina & Valentia;
‘Luna’s Armor’ necklace, $1,900, Namiko Abloom



Marble Metallic Wrap Dress

Marble grain metallic wrap dress, $500, Deyonté Weather Collection,;
Trimuun ring, $105, and African Bwa Sun Mask ring, $105, Lunaversoul




‘Dance of the Firebird’ Silk Chiffon Midi Dress $1,320, Valentina & Valentia;
Sage Phoenix Neckpiece, $2,750, and Makeda bracelet, $195, Lunaversoul



All the clothing designers featured in this spread are local.
Style assistance: Alex Schloer.
Photography assistance: Isabella Richter de Medeiros.
Hair and makeup by Gene Juarez Salons & Spas
Creative Collaboration: James Todd and Jordan Castillo (hair), Monet Watkins-Adams (makeup), Keiko Schrock (nails),
Model: Ionna P. with TCM Models and Talent,
Shot at PhotoSpace904 in Seattle, 

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