Calling all Blood Donors

Photo courtesy Bloodworks Northwest via Facebook

Photo courtesy Bloodworks Northwest via Facebook

Bloodworks Northwest could use your help. The organization issued an urgent appeal for donors after Pacific Northwest inventories of type O blood fell to a 1-day supply this week. Normal inventory is a 4-day supply.

According to Bloodworks, Type O negative blood is critical for trauma patients. It is considered the universal blood type and can be transfused to any patient suffering from trauma when they are rushed to a hospital with no time to type that person’s blood. Nearly 50 percent of the population has type O blood.

The Bellevue location is:

Bellevue Center
1021 112th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

We’ll let Bloodworks tell you the rest about donating:

  • For the safety and care of future patients, Bloodworks Northwest urges blood donations over the next two weeks.
  • The call for donors in the Northwest echoes data showing a nationwide blood shortage.
  • Bloodworks expects donations to fall by about 15 percent during summer — with schools and colleges on break and donors on vacation. This year, the drop off has been closer to 25 percent.
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