Carillon Kitchen Comes To Carillon Point

Carillon Kitchen, the Eastside’s newest eatery, is slated to open Monday, April 24 at scenic Carillon Point in Kirkland.

The 2,000-square foot casual eatery is light and airy while offering seating for 48 patrons with additional outdoor seating for the summer months. The abstract watercolor paintings adorning the walls, reclaimed walnut table tops, and fireplace create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

All breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes prepared by executive chef Frank Rog and chef Michael Bailey are made with ingredients sourced within 200 miles of Kirkland.

Photo courtesy Carillon Kitchen.

Photo by Spencer Imagery, courtesy Carillon Kitchen.

“People are looking for healthy options that they can grab and go, or stop in and enjoy,” Rog said in a statement. “Being in Kirkland, there is an elevated focus on health and well-being while supporting local farmers and purveyors, and we drew a lot of inspiration from the water. We will see many runners, boaters, and active families as well as our valued surrounding office tenants, and we want to offer them the highest quality in terms of both nutrition and locally sourced products.”

Carillon Kitchen is taking extra strides to cater to their customers’ busy schedules by adding extra conveniences like on-the-go meals, Apple Pay and Android Pay, and a Carillon Kitchen app powered by ChowNow for internet ordering. Additionally, thanks to ChowNow’s partnership with UberEats, Carillon Kitchen dishes can be delivered to residences and offices within a 5-mile radius.

To further perpetuate Carillon Kitchen’s commitment to well-being, the eatery will have regular speakers covering topics such as active and health-conscious living, environment and technology, and nutrition.

For more information, including menu items, visit Carillon Kitchen online.

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