Catapalooza: The Cat Party of the Year

If your family is lacking a feline member, then Seattle Humane’s Catapalooza from June 30 to July 1 in Bellevue is the event for you.

Seattle Humane wants to find as any homes as possible for its adoptable cats and kittens during their upcoming weekend fest. Catapalooza will run from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on June 30, and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on July 1. Staff speakers will be available to answer questions about your fur babies’ behavior and will host sessions to discuss introducing your new friend to your home, housing and enrichment, and the key to a happy vet visit.

The entire family is invited to attend Catapalooza. From cat toy craft stations to face painting, there will be plenty of activities to make this a “cat-tastic” weekend. Seattle Humane also will have hundreds of cats ready to take home.

To make the transition from shelter to home easier for you and your cat, Amanda Anderson of Seattle Humane has some tips that all new cat owners should know.

“Start small. Your new cat has been living in a much smaller, more controlled environment at the shelter,” Anderson said. “Going to a new home is a wonderful thing, but even the most positive changes are stressful; the cat may be overwhelmed by suddenly having a large amount of unfamiliar space.”

Anderson recommends keeping your new cat in a single room for roughly two weeks to get them acclimated to the new house without being overwhelmed by a lot of space that they aren’t used to.

She also suggests having the room prepared prior to the arrival of your fur baby with a litter box, toys, and a comfortable bed.

“Upon your arrival home, place the carrier in the cat’s room and allow the cat to come out on its own,” Anderson explained. “Give them about an hour to explore and become familiar with the room before you bring food and water and spend a little get-acquainted time.”

Tips on how to bond with your cat

  • Visit the newcomer frequently to build your relationship.
  • Bond by positively reinforcing desirable behaviors
  • Praise, treats, and playtime
  • Interactive play on a routine basis

General tips for litter boxes

  • Use a large box – the larger, the better
  • Use an uncovered box (the cover can inhibit a cat from posturing vertically or make them feel trapped)
  • Avoid litter pan liners
  • Avoid scented litters
  • Scoop at least once daily
  • Change litter out completely on a regular basis
  • Place in quiet, but easily accessed locations (one for each floor of a house, etc.)
  • One box per cat plus a spare

Make sure to check out Catapalooza to meet the kitty that’s right for you, and follow these tips to make your feline a happy member of the family in no time.

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