Cheers to Gin Cocktails With (and Without) Alcohol

While having a much-storied history dating back as far as the 11th century, gin is a spirit that’s seen a notable resurgence in recent years, with craft distillers and premium gin brands tripling over the last six years. This continued popularity creates more options, including these notable local sips to splash in a cocktail glass.

Photo by Tiffaine Eck


Nonalcoholic gin? That’s right: Along with zero carbs and sugar, this distilled alcohol-free beverage retains gin’s signature juniper fragrance and flavor, along with a hint of citrus and fresh apple. Master distiller Erik Liedholm describes this as the “spirit of a spirit” produced using the same flavor profile of Wildwood’s award-winning Kur gin, pairing nicely with a simple seltzer or tonic water, or mixed as a cocktail. An ideal alternative if looking to take a break from alcoholic beverages, or for those who are alcohol-free. Newly released, the aptly named Ginnocence is available for $25 a bottle at Wildwood’s Bothell distillery or online.

Courtesy of Big Gin


While browsing the spirit aisle, one might do a double-take at Big Gin’s bottles on the shelves, sporting a brighter, more colorful design. Hood River Distillers gave the Ballard-based collection of small-batch gins a new, eye-catching look to emphasize the variety of styles it produces. Most gin enthusiasts were familiar with the classic London Dry-style Big Gin, now rocking a cool, cornflower blue label. And now the bourbon and peat-barreled gin styles have signature color schemes to help them stand out on the shelf.

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