City of Mill Creek Honors Heroes on Memorial Day

The City of Mill Creek has planned a number of events to honor local heroes this Memorial Day (May 31).

Mill Creek will recognize its heroes through both a virtual commemorative ceremony and a “reverse parade” featuring the addition of memorial boards.

Community residents are encouraged to participate by submitting a board to remember their own service member. They will be displayed within the windows of area businesses and viewed during the reverse parade from 10:30 to 12:30.

The boards will become part of future Memorial and Veterans Day exhibits. Applications must be submitted here by Friday, May 7.

As reverse parade participants drive along the route on Main Street between 155th Street and 153rd Street, they will be able to view the boards placed at various local businesses, from within their vehicles.

A special exhibit of military significance, including uniforms, an eternal flame, and a Battlefield Cross will be positioned at Main Street and 153rd Street SE. Locations for all displays will be given out prior to the event.

A virtual commemorative ceremony honoring those who lost their lives in service will also be available for viewing.

Check here for more information.

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