Complimentary Hand Sanitizer at Wildwood Spirits Co.

If you’ve been looking for hand sanitizer in the last couple of weeks, you’ve likely had little luck. To help fill the gap, Bothell-based Wildwood Spirits Co. is providing free 2-ounce bottles of homemade hand sanitizer to its customers.

That’s right: with every bottle of Wildwood Spirits Co. vodka, gin, grappa, or bourbon purchased online or at the distillery, a complimentary bottle of hand sanitizer will accompany. To further spread the love, every donation of $5 or more made to Wildwood Spirits Co. for Big Table Seattle — a local organization supporting restaurant/hospitality workers in crisis — will get you another bottle of hand sanitizer.

Wildwood Spirits Co.’s hand sanitizer — called Rensa, which means ‘clean’ in Swedish — is made using 80 percent pure ethanol infused with lavender and orange. This meets the CDC’s recommendation of sanitizer with a 60 percent alcohol-based solution, and also includes ingredients like glycerol and hydrogen peroxide approved by the CDC and WHO.

For more information, visit Wildwood Spirit Co.’s website.

is an assistant editor at 425 magazine.
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