Corned Beef Hash & Spicy Bloody Mary Brunch Special at Beach Café 

Corned beef hash — that delicious combination of complex flavors and ingredients, brought together for the most important meal of the day — what could be better? Well, maybe if it’s paired with a spiced-up Bloody Mary with a splash of Guinness beer. Kirkland’s Beach Café is serving their crowd favorite, an egg-topped corned beef hash alongside their twist on an Irish-kissed brunch cocktail for $30 as a St. Patrick’s Day special. Their corned beef is from-scratch, simmering in a low-and-slow flavorful braise until tender. It’s shredded and finished off in a skillet, combined with potatoes and onions cooked in the same braising liquid, fresh herbs, and a kick of Mama Lil’s Peppers. Slow-cooked deep flavor surrounded by a crispy crunch — put an egg on it and raise a glass to brunch! Located at: 1200 Carillon Point, Kirkland.

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