Cupcake Royale Goes Green

Local cupcakery celebrates Earth Day with themed cupcake and proceeds to clean up local river.

After donating $4,000 of cupcake proceeds to NARAL Pro-Choice in the month of March, Cupcake Royale is going green for the month of April.

Every Monday in April, Cupcake Royale will donate 10 percent of cupcake proceeds, and 25 percent of proceeds on Earth Day (Saturday April 22) to support the Duwamish River Clean Up Coalition.

“We are in this together,” Nicki Kerbs, Cupcake Royale Chief Operations Officer said in a statement. “We couldn’t raise this money without the help of our customers. We are so proud of the support that everyone brought to the table in February and in March on behalf of the Immigrant Rights Project and NARAL Pro-Choice.”

The Duwamish River project will ensure that pollution is cut off at the source and habitats are rebuilt to help restore health to the environment and the communities around the river.

“Just as we are committed to ensuring that our cupcakes and ice cream are made with fresh, natural and local ingredients,” Cupcake Royale Founder Jody Hall said in a statement. “Our beliefs stem from preserving and supporting the land, which supplies us with those great ingredients. We cannot afford, as citizens, to sit back, we must help to revitalize our communities to make them healthier spaces for all.”

Speaking of yummy, fresh ingredients, Cupcake Royale is bringing back their Compost Cupcake for a limited time just in time to celebrate Earth Day from April 19-23. Don’t be fooled by the name, the “compost” is a chocolate cake filled with white chocolate, dark chocolate chunks, shredded coconut, oats, and crumbled vanilla cake. It is then topped with chocolate frosting and rolled in a crumb topping made of oats, dark chocolate, coffee grounds, and crushed potato chips.

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