New Podcast Explores Whiskey’s Biggest Names

Whether you’re a whiskey fan or simply love learning about America’s boozy history, we have the perfect podcast for you. Join producer Amy Faulkner and co-host Angel Brito as they discuss the extraordinary lives and unusual deaths of some of the biggest names in whiskey in their new series, Dead Men of Whiskey.  

With new episodes released every Wednesday — the first one drops on June 17 — this weekly entertainment will be covering topics on the life of Clyde May and how he became the most infamous bootlegger in Alabama, Jack Daniels, and numerous others. Faulkner said she discovered many of the stories through her work with Seattle Cocktail Week and Seattle Cocktail Club.

“We were surprised to discover that there are so many well-known names in whiskey that most people know nothing about,” Faulkner said. “We wanted to create a podcast that delved deep into the lives of these amazing people whose stories have been swirling around our rocks glasses untold.”

Faulkner and Brito’s first episode will discuss James E. Pepper and the iconic Kentucky whiskey brand. Click here to find out where to tune in.

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