Elegant, Sophisticated, and Expensive

Whether you are of “the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” generation, or the MTV “Cribs” generation, you likely are familiar with the grandeur of the, well, rich and famous. And regardless of whether you have the means to do so, or you have to save up a bit first, these swanky home items will have your home camera-crew-ready for its close-up.


For Cool Kitchens
The Big Chill’s Classic Fridge is available in more than 200 custom colors including cabernet, French blue, and this sleek black. It is inspired by what the company dubbed the “OG” fridge of the 1930s, the Ice Box. This classic style fridge starts at $5,000. Metropolitan Appliance in Seattle is a local dealer of Big Chill products. metropolitanappliance.com

dodo decanter

Exotic Taste
Though the Dodo is extinct, it feels sort of poetic for it to be immortalized with an exquisite Victorian-style glass decanter. Preserve your most illustrious liquors within the belly of this piece crafted by Mark Clarkson and Jamie Randall. The artists collaborated on a series of glass decanters highlighting bird species that have long left the Earth. vetriglass.com $8,900


Stylish Grill
This swanky Hestan grill comes in 12 shades to suit any outdoor space. The lid can stay open in any position and this grill also has a rotisserie! Prices vary, but start at about $8,000. Get this locally at Luwa in Bellevue. luwaluxury.com


Stainless Steel Smoker
Choose your wood chips and use this Hestan stainless steel smoker to create delicious, restaurant-worthy dishes. Available locally at Luwa. luwaluxury.com

picture frame

Sparkle and Shine
Let the 4,000 crystals and precious rhodium-plated metal of this Swarovski Crystalline Picture Frame make that photo of your grandchild or significant other sparkle and shine. Frame holds a 5-inch-by-7-inch photograph, but smaller sizes also are available.
swarovski.com | $399


Timeless and Tiny
Succulents have been getting all the love in recent years, but bonsai trees are just as attractive (if not moreso) and often require the same basic care. This example is a little over a foot tall and has been around the sun more times than most of the staff here at 425. Can you say the same about your succs? Probably not. bonsaioutlet.com | $1,495


Be a Better Barista
Seattle Coffee Gear loves the Breville Oracle Touch espresso machine and named it their staff pick. It has touchscreen controls, a built-in grinder, programmable milk temperature, and it looks really stylish on your counter. It’s $2,499 and at press time, it included a gift card you could use later. seattlecoffeegear.com


Wait, Hold Up
Is your study full of rich mahogany and leather-bound books? Or do you prefer to store your favorite tomes on understated shelves throughout your home? Either way, you’re going to love these painted cast-iron bookends, which marry innovative design with utility. The pieces are designed by Visibility and produced by Matter Made. mattermatters.com | $390

lounge chair

Lounge Around
The PK24 Chaise Lounge by Fritz Hansen isn’t just a chair; it’s practically a work of art modeled after the Rococo period. Similar to a hammock, this chair’s divine comfort makes this piece better than any old painting or statue. However, the nearly $16,000 price tag might keep you from sitting on it. fritzhansen.com | $15,937

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