Elysian Brewing Launches New IPA

While browsing beer shelves looking for a new brew to try, keep an eye out for Elysian’s Contact Haze IPA. A quick backgrounder, if you’re unfamiliar with “hazy” IPAs — relatively new to the brewing scene and barely a decade old, they’re an unpasteurized and unfiltered beer, hence the opaque pour. These versions of IPAs are less bitter than the typical Northwest-style hop-heavy IPAs, resulting in a smooth drinking experience. Not to say that Contact Haze is bereft of the fragrant hop cone — Elysian uses a blend of newer hop strains, including Sabro, El Dorado, and Sultana, to balance the flavor and produce notes of raspberry, guava, and passion fruit. Inspired by vintage sci-fi and its fanciful sense of curiosity, Contact Haze is the product of exploration, a swirling nebula in a glass. Available on tap at Elysian Breweries and local beer shops.

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