Emerald Green + More Color Trends for 2013

If there’s one trend that seems to unify all of 2013’s color trends, it is this: everyone is ready to lighten up! Who isn’t ready to say “goodbye” to endless political campaigning, fiscal cliffs, natural disasters and Mayan calendar predictions? Welcome, 2013. Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief and get on with business.

This sense of looking forward, a return to optimism and a renewed focus on the work at hand reflects how we surround ourselves in our homes, workplaces and even our clothing options. This year, Pantone is declaring emerald green the color of the year. Other colors you’ll be seeing a lot more of include variations of blues and greens, bright yellows, poppy reds and nectarine, soft linen and African violet!

True BluesColorTrends2013

Pantone named monaco blue and dusk blue as two of its colors for 2013, and with good reason. Blue is trustworthy, stable and comfortable.

Color Examples: Pantone’s Monaco Pantone’s Dusk Blue C2 Paint’s Bluetonium


For years whenever we talked about green (and we have talked a lot about green), it’s been all about mossy arts & crafts colors. For 2013, it’s evolving into a cleaner, clearer green. It pairs well with crispy blues, spa greens and creams.

Color Examples: Pantone’s Emerald, C2 Paint’s Malachite and Luna and Pantone’s TenderShoots

That Color Formerly Known as Teal

Since the 1980s we’ve had an intense teal hang-over — but it’s back (minus the “Miami Vice” shoulder pads). And guess what? It turns out teal and other similar colors like Pantone’s grayed jade, play well with browns, beiges and gold.

Color Examples: Pantone’s Grayed Jade C2 Paint’s Blue Grotto C2 Paint’s Blue Beard


Architectural. Timeless. Fearless. If you are brave, this color works within many design styles. No longer relegated to trim and ceilings, white can be one of the most challenging colors to nail: find a shade that’s too cool and you’ve created an uninspired ice cube. Too warm and you’ve lost the crispy freshness that white brings.

Color Examples of White Done Right: C2 Paint’s Coconut C2 Paint’s Sheer Pantone’s Linen

A Splash of Color, Please!

Say yes to lemon zest, poppy red, nectarine and African violet! Move over 1940s granny prints, this is not just a retro-inspired trend. These pretties can add a fresh approach to living rooms, bedrooms and even, dare we say, kitchens. Just take the cue from the Bellevue runway!

Color Examples: Pantone’s Lemon Zest, Poppy Red, Nectarine and African Violet

First and third photos: “Blueberries” ©2011 Robert Benner and “Door Design” ©2006 Darwin Bell, both used under a Creative Commons Attribution license; second photo courtesy piperlime.com; fourth photo by Dane Gregory Meyer; fifth photo by Rodrigo DeMedeiros

robin_and_christian425 Design is written by Robin Daly and Christian Ursino. Daly studied interior design and is a third-generation co-owner of her family business, Daly’s Paint & Decorating. Ursino has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of interior design. Contact Robin at robin@dalyspaint.com and Christian at christian@christianursino.com

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