Ethan Stowell Opens mkt.

Eastside food lovers are happy to make the trek across the bridge to dine at one of the many Ethan Stowell restaurants in Seattle. While it doesn’t look like the famed Seattle chef will be adding to his empire on the Eastside any time soon, he does have a new option for you – mkt. (pronounced “market”), located in the Tangletown neighborhood in Seattle near Green Lake. The name is actually an abbreviation for Meridian (the original name of the neighborhood), Keystone (the historic building where it’s located) and Tangletown (the current name of the neighborhood).

Expect heavy use of a wood-fired grill for items divided into four categories: snacks, fish, meat and vegetables. Mkt. will be Ethan Stowell’s smallest restaurant yet, coming in at an intimate 600 square feet. Find it at 2108 N. 55th St. in Seattle. Mkt. is open daily from 5 to 10pm, and until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Reservations are recommended. Call 206.812.1580 or book online.
Check out a sample menu from mkt.:


  • Zucchini fritters with lemon thyme pesto $9
  • Dinah’s cheese with walnuts and tomato-honey preserve $8
  • Pumpernickel with cured salmon, dill crème fraîche $11


  • Albacore ceviche with citrus-cucumber ice, coriander, pickled red onions $14
  • Dungeness crab salad with tart apple, tarragon, endive $13
  • Seared halibut with braised artichoke hearts, chanterelles, chrysanthemum greens, dried chilies $22


  • Grilled rabbit, frisee, bacon salad, savory, juniper $12
  • Fried quail with spicy dates, pickled mustard greens $15
  • Grilled lamb tongue, baby beets, horseradish, grilled bread $13


  • Summer vegetable tagine with rosemary, olive oil, preserved lemon $12
  • Raw porcini mushroom salad with parmigiano-reggiano $11
  • Smoked wild mushrooms, duck egg, crispy barley $11
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