The Constant: Canadian Artist Team, Mizzonk, Explore Mindfulness Using Basic Materials of Sand and Paper at CoCA

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Thursday, May 04 - Saturday, June 10
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

From May 4 through June 10, 2017, Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) is excited to present Mizzonk, the award winning husband and wife artist team of Wan-Yi Lin and Roger Chen. With backgrounds in art, design, and architecture, the duo has a passion for creating art and installations that invoke a sense of introspective mindfulness and the meditation on the state of “being.” The exhibit, titled “The Constant,” will debut some of their recent works in the United States, including the piece “Nothing and Everything.”

“Mizzonk” is an award-winning collaborative art and design studio based in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, Canada. The term ‘Mizzonk’ is a name inspired by a monk’s devotion to contemplation and his work. By using basic materials created by the artists in their own studio, such as paper and sand, Mizzonk creates a minimal and non-durable appearance attempting to tackle subjects such as infinity, introspection, the human condition, and memories.

Mizzonk’s work evokes the senses and stimulates the connection between one’s inner world and one’s outer world. Both founders believe that a person’s relationship with others and with the world start with an exploration of the inner self.

They exemplify this belief through their ephemeral piece, “Nothing and Everything”. A six-foot decorative frame made completely of sand and lays vulnerable upon a concrete floor. At any moment, the piece may be changed or swept away. The frame has two symbolic meanings: it is a gateway to past, present and future moments; it is a mirror reflecting the viewer’s mind. “Nothing and Everything” invites viewers to contemplate the meaning within impermanence and to question whether a fleeting moment can truly be captured.

“The Constant” will also include Mizzonk’s previous work. In pieces such as “Rolling Square” and “Rhythm of the 20 Degrees Turn,” cut, folded, and bent paper work with light to convey movement within static, geometric shapes. As the viewer moves, the pieces appear to undulate. Each paper artwork is collaboratively designed, created, and framed individually by hand.

Join us for the opening reception during Pioneer Square Artwalk on Thursday, May 4 from 6-9pm.

All events at CoCA in Pioneer Square: 114 Third Avenue South, Seattle, 98104


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