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You know that feeling when you wake up from a dream and the events feel twisted and scattered, but the thing that remains is how it made you feel? Our inspiration for the 2018 Fall Fashion shoot was just that — the mood that lingers. Every aspect of the shoot was sourced entirely from Northwest talent — the clothing designers, jewelry, hair and makeup team, and photography crew — and with that we created a ghostly set at Village Theatre in Issaquah. See the spread here.



Nora SuarezBased in Seattle, Nora Suarez launched LOURDES é EVA about two years ago and has worked in fashion design since 2014. Her line embodies effortless style: “refined tomboy with a little flair,” as Suarez calls it. Much of her inspiration is drawn from her Mexican heritage and her paternal grandmother, and the garments are made from luxurious, natural materials: silk, linen, cotton, wool, mohair, and sometimes leather. In future lines, it’s likely you’ll see more pops of color. Suarez recently traveled to Morocco and was inspired by the vibrant culture.


House of GinaMarie

Gina MoorheadSweden resident Gina Moorhead houses her chic and classic line of clothing, House of GinaMarie, in Minnesota, but she earned her stripes in the Pacific Northwest while studying fashion design at Seattle Pacific University. It was while living in Ballard that her brand took root, as she started filing the paperwork for it. What makes her line really stand out from the rest are its tailored and sustainable garments, which have a certain edgy, yet elegant vibe: “Think Audrey Hepburn on a skateboard,” Moorhead said. The male counterpart of her brand is GräsMark Menswear, named for the small Swedish town her ancestors are from.



Angeline OeiSeattle resident Angeline Oei trained at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and worked as a fashion and print designer for luxury womenswear brands in Belgium and Singapore before moving to Washington and starting her own company. Her a.oei brand, which launched nearly two years ago, is a womenswear line and an independent design studio that offers custom clothing and textile design services. “I enjoy playing with contrasting color and texture combinations, while keeping the silhouettes easy and accessible,” she said. “… All prints and designs are developed in the studio by myself.”



Camisha JacksonPrior to starting the Lunaversoul jewelry brand in fall 2007, Kent resident Camisha Jackson was a 3D graphic artist/designer for several years in the video game industry. Jackson first started making jewelry for herself and hadn’t really thought to take it further until a woman approached her at a store and purchased her handmade bracelet on the spot. After several others stopped and asked where she got her jewelry, she decided to make it a business.


Lisa Marie Couture

Lisa MarieAfter graduating from design school and working in the corporate world for a bit, Lisa Marie started interning at a couture house, which led to her role as a design consultant for Luly Yang for almost six years. In July 2013, she took the leap to establish herself as a designer and has launched two brands — Lisa Marie Couture and OWL, her ready-to-wear line — in Seattle. As a new designer, she’s found building connections with her clients is one of her favorite parts of the job. “I have studied women for over 13 years and want to give them an easy garment that has them light up a room.”


Luly Yang

Luly YangAs early as 6 years old, Luly Yang started sketching gowns and silhouettes as her artistic vision began to take shape. At the University of Washington, her focus shifted while she was studying to become an architectural graphic designer (even now, her meticulously curated line embodies her architectural background, with a marriage of form and function). In 1999, Yang’s iconic Monarch Dress was incepted during a fashion show that paired designers with paper companies. The dress, mimicking the style of a butterfly, “reawakened her love of fashion and convinced her to make the change from graphic to fashion design.” Yang is now a Pacific Northwest staple in the fashion industry, with her couture line of cocktail and evening looks and ready-to-wear pieces.



Devon YanWhen it comes to talent, the apple doesn’t fall far from Devon Yan’s family tree. His father is a well-known opera singer from southern China, and Yan learned from an early age how a garment can transform a person — be it as a performer on stage or in life. Yan, a self-taught artist in Seattle, created the DEVONATION brand in 2010. His designs accentuate how even the simplest details can be the most magical.


Valentina & Valentia

valentina valentiaValentina & Valentia is unique in that the brand is a collaboration of four generations of women. One branch of it is Milena Natanov, who lives in Bellevue and works as a Microsoft software engineer. The masterful designs created by the women manifest as flowy, feminine blouses and dresses balanced with crisp suits made with silk, cashmere, and wool — materials that are more environmentally conscious. “Each of our products has a story, and each of our collections has a story,” Natanov said. “We make an effort to be authentic in how we tell each of these stories and how we share each of our visions, which sets us apart.”


Prairie Underground

Prairie UndergroundLocated unassumingly on South Harney Street in Seattle, Prairie Underground designers are crafting workwear clothes that make a statement. “Prairie Underground embodies the idea of political uprising, insurrection, and a secret society,” said designer and founder Davora Lindner. “Our designs reflect those ideals by combining the austerity of 20th-century workwear with the vernacular of durable American sportswear.” Since the brand was created in 2004, it has been dedicated to creating ethical and sustainable garments and often collaborates with outside artists. The femme-focused brand also launched a loungewear collection in 2017 called Womxn’s Rites.



Suk ChaiSuk Chai has a 24-year storied history working primarily in high-end fashion. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York as a winner of the Critics Award and eventually came back to Seattle in the ’90s and worked as one of the first designers hired by the Nordstrom Product Group to create its own collection. Chai left Nordstrom in 2011 as a senior design director and took a hiatus from fashion: She got married, went on a four-week vacation, adopted a puppy, renovated a house, and spruced up the yard. In 2013, she crafted SCHAI, a Bellevue-based line of beautifully crafted, high-end garments. “I am adamant that we don’t buy or make things for just ‘fashion’s sake,’” she said. “Since I’ve started my own collection, I am much more cognizant of how I spend my fashion budget and how my choice impacts socially and environmentally.”


Crush Footwear

Crush FootwearThe Kirkland and Edmonds shoe boutique prides itself on building connections and relationships with international and emerging designers to bring the latest fashions to the Pacific Northwest. Upon walking through its doors, if you feel a whimsical air, it could be because the very conception of the boutique was realized during a dreamy trip “sailing in the beautiful waters of Canada’s rugged and stunning West Coast,” according to the website. The designers featured at Crush are the epitome of craftmanship and extraordinary style.


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