Fall Hair Flair

From retro pixies to big ’80s perms, hairstyles are always evolving. We teamed up with Sorella Salon for an inside look at what’s in demand this fall, and how to achieve the looks.


The Stylists



Classic Edge

classic edge hair trend

The client: Mallory Klein, 30, stay-at-home mom

The stylist says: “My look for Mallory was inspired by Poppy Delevingne’s Met Gala look from 2016. She has the ability to combine a real edginess, but also a classic aesthetic. I did an old Hollywood glamour set, with a curling iron, brushed it out with a Mason Pearson brush and balanced it out with an edgy dark lip. This fall and winter, we will start seeing vibrant colors, really platinum blonds, and dark intense brunettes.” — China

Mallory’s reaction: “I love the volume and curls! Perfect for any kind of look.”



Onyx Coloring

Onyx Coloring hair trend

The client: Lauren Kim, 19, nanny and nursery teacher

The stylist says: “Onyx is an on-trend fall and winter hair color for brunettes. It’s that almost-black-but-not-quite-black color. However, if onyx is too dramatic, try adding some caramel or espresso balayage highlights to add dimension. This season, we are stepping away from the super piecey beach waves and seeing bigger, more relaxed waves. To create the look on Lauren, I used a 11/4-inch curling iron and did classic outer barrel curls. For the sections in front of the ears, wrap away from the face. Behind the ear, alternate the direction of each curl to create a more natural undone look.”
— Erica

Lauren’s reaction: “I loved how natural it looks, and how the coloring looks on my length.”



Day to Night

Day to Night hair trend

day 2 night hair trend

The client: Paige “Elizabeth” Woodruff, 23,
hairstylist at Sorella Salon

The stylist says: “I was inspired by @Figtny’s Instagram and mimicked a version of her style — monochromatic glamour with an edge. I’m drawn to blunt lines and hidden texture, and a part down the middle for this upcoming season. For Elizabeth’s cut, we did a texture bob with cheekbone-grazing fringe. I went to 901 Academy in Beverly Hills and learned the ‘tone it down and break it up’ technique, and did a full foil with their classic tap and tone finish. For Elizabeth’s daytime textured look, I used Oribe’s dry spray and a Paul Mitchell flat-iron to give a texture bend to the hair. For the sleek style, I used a healthy spritz of water and a generous amount of Oribe’s Gel Serum with a fine-tooth comb. Afterward, I polished it off with two oversized metallic bobby pins.” — Rebekah

Elizabeth’s reaction: “I love how textured Rebekah made my layers. Now I have a more versatile haircut for styling.”



Playful Accessories

hair trend accessories

hair trend accessories 2

The client: Soleil Khalili, 7, student and dancer

The stylist says: “Little girls get those natural highlights from the sun. Soleil gets regular halos, a fiber gloss treatment, to protect her hair from sun damage and chlorine from swimming pools. For her hairstyle we did an iron wave with Oribe’s Soft Lacquer to lock the curls in. I wanted a soft whimsical look to achieve a Northwest bohemian rock-star look.” — Andrea

Soleil’s reaction: “My favorite part of the photo shoot was getting my hair done by Andrea — and the accessories. They even let me keep the beanie and the kitty headband!”



Modern Top Knot

hair trend modern top knot

The client: Lauren Roberson, 21, student and front-desk coordinator
at Sorella Salon

The stylist says: “For Lauren’s color and cut, we wanted to achieve a Jessie James Decker look. We have been taking her hair color from dark brunette to dark blond in a way it doesn’t damage her hair. I like textured, choppy layers that add volume and achieve a messy look. For Lauren’s style, we did a modernized version of a top knot, and to make it more edgy, we add a Jen Atkin bun cuff. I used a large curling iron and curled the mid-shaft and a Mason Pearson brush to brush it out right away. Afterward, I used a generous amount of Oribe texture spray and Kerastase Laque Couture and then finished it with Oribe Shine reflective spray. This fall, I think we’ll start seeing warmer tones come back, like honey blond and gold brunettes.”
— Sydney

Lauren’s reaction: “Hair doesn’t make the woman, but good hair definitely helps.”



Textured Short

Textured short hair trend

The client: Lia Lee, 24, writer and interior design student

The stylist says: “For Lia’s haircut, I shaped and added some texture, as she is growing out a pixie cut. The texture broke up some of the harshness from her previous blunt lines. For her style, I curled it, set the whole thing with soft lacquer, and let it set for 20 minutes to dry. I brushed it out with my fingers using Original Pomade and stuck in some mixed-metal bobby pins. For fall haircut trends, I’m inspired by Chrissie Hynde’s shag haircut and like to modernize it up by adding a fringe that is heavy but still piecey.”
— Andrea

Lia’s reaction: “This is so playful and an easy way to spice up a short-hair growout. The slick sides and barrettes add a little surprise and a layer of chic.”



Braid for Days


braids for days hair trend

hair trend braids for days 2

The client: Starlyn Shute, 16, student

The stylist says: “For Starlyn’s hair color, I enhanced her natural color by lightening up some pieces around her face and placed some natural bright-blond pieces throughout. Braids are my favorite hairstyle for any occasion; they are always on trend and never go out of style. It’s the most versatile hairstyle — you can wear them to the grocery store or on your wedding day. For Starlyn’s style, I curled her hair and teased it with a comb. I did inverted French fishtail braids on each side, then ponytailed the braid in the back and pinned the fishtail around it. I added some twist in the front and pinned that into the fishtail braid for even more texture. My favorite hair trend for blondes this season is to keep your blond natural or go all the way with a platinum blond.” — Kara

Starlyn’s reaction: “I have always loved simple, long, beautiful hair. Kara was able to braid my hair in minutes and style a look I love that inspires me to be more creative with my hair.”


Special thanks to Mercer in Sammamish for providing clothing.

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