My Favorite Family Friendly Games

From Red Dead Redemption 2 to Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, many of this year’s bestselling games are not for all ages. That’s why I want to share some of my new favorite games that are both fun and appropriate for the entire family. 

Images courtesy respective developers.


Dreams video games


Media Molecule

PlayStation 4

Dreams is as beautiful and enigmatic as its namesake. Children will love playing as adorable robots or animals. Meanwhile, adults will appreciate artistic mini-games like “Please Hug Me,” which explores loneliness and connection. Best of all, players can design their own levels using a myriad of backgrounds and characters. Since it’s simple to create new levels with the drag-and-drop tools, this is the perfect starting point for aspiring young game makers.


Soundfall video games


Drastic Games

Xbox One, nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC

Most parents worry about games with strong violence. What I love about Soundfall, is you battle with the power of music. As the young hero Melody, you must hit the beats to defeat Discord. You can also invite three friends to join you on your harmonious adventures. The cartoonish fighting may be a little intense for little ones, but older children will love the beautiful levels and pumping soundtrack.


Mario Party video games

Super Mario Party


Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Party is the perfect way to lighten up any gathering. The game features 80 madcap mini-games that are easy to play. For example, twirl the controllers to win the tricycle race. There’s also a cooking level, where you must pretend to flip a pan to perfectly cook your dish. If your friends have a Switch, you can place them side-by-side to create the ultimate digital tabletop game!


Bee Simulator video games

Bee Simulator

Varsav Game Studios S.A.

Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

If you need a break from feeling like a worker drone, escape into the fanciful world of Bee Simulator. The game lets you play a honeybee trying to keep the hive alive. Flit from flower to flower collecting pollen, all the while dodging humans, spiders, and wasps. The loading screens feature interesting facts about how bees are important to the environment.


Meow Wars video games

Meow Wars

Taco Truck Games

Android, Apple, and PC

Meow Wars is a digital card game with plenty of purrsonality. Lead the agents of FURR (Feline Ultra Rescue Rangers) as they try to stop evil cyborg rats from causing a catastrophe. Play power-ups like catnip, but avoid getting hit with spray-bottle cards.


Gardens Between video games

The Gardens Between

The Voxel Agents

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac

In this heart-warming game, you must help best friends Arina and Frendt navigate their imaginary world. However, the trick is you can’t control the characters directly. Instead, you must speed up or reverse time so that the two friends can find clues and solve puzzles. The game’s riddles offer just enough challenge to stay exciting for most kids. But as a dad, what I loved most was the chance to turn back time, even for just a few moments.

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