Family-Style Traveling

Local fashion expert travels in style —with kids in tow

Sydney Mintle is the founder of Gossip & Glamour, a boutique PR agency in Seattle that works with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle clients. Mintle offers marketing, PR, social media strategy, influencer outreach, and consulting support. She began her own fashion career on the sales floor at age 16, and by 19, she was running the store as its manager. Her global fashion adventures began in 2003, when she took a position working for Zumiez on private label production. That experience led her to China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, and sparked her interest in social compliance and corporate social responsibility. In 2010, she launched Gossip & Glamour. Since then, she has worked with hundreds of fashion industry clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and has helped launch new brands; promote small designers; and open new stores, such as the first UNIQLO location in Bellevue. When Mintle isn’t working (and when she is), she enjoys traveling, especially to London. She loves it so much, she named her daughter London. That’s some serious love. We caught up with her to learn about her latest family adventures.

San Francisco

Tell us about your family. I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas, and my husband, Jeff, is originally from Coulee City. We have a son, Liam, 8, and a daughter, London, 4.

Where did you travel last year? London, England; Tokyo, Japan; Whitefish, MT; Vancouver, B.C.; Coeur d’Alene, ID; Clearwater, FL; and Portland, OR.

Yoyogi Park

My husband and I in front of sake barrels at the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. It’s a beautiful oasis in the city, filled with walking paths and beautiful trees.

What sent you on the adventures? We love to travel as a family. It helps clear creative blocks, and we love going back to places that we’ve visited and loved. We’ve been going to London every year since our honeymoon in 2009. Our kids love it now, too! Japan was a new adventure for us as a family, and we can’t wait to go back. Over the summer, we took our first trip to Whitefish, Montana, and loved being outdoors and stargazing at night. Next time, we’ll plan to spend more time at Glacier National Park.

If others go, especially to faraway places like London and Japan, what should they absolutely do? If you go to London, stay in the South Kensington neighborhood, because it’s within walking distance of Hyde Park and many of the best museums in the city. If you visit Tokyo, stay near Shibuya Station for the best restaurants, shopping, and cultural experiences.

Eggs 'n Things

This is a Hawaiian-based restaurant in Japan. They are famous and literally have a line two blocks long no matter what time of day you visit. London was in LOVE with their pancakes. They also serve other Hawaiian favorites like Spam and eggs.

What airlines did you fly? We usually fly British Airways to London because they fly direct, and that is crucial when traveling with kids. On our way to Japan, we flew A.N.A. They were amazing with the kids, and the nine-hour flight was a breeze!

What were the best things about your trips? The best thing about our most recent trip to London was visiting the Princess Diana exhibit at Kensington Palace. Learning more about her philanthropic efforts and getting to see her gorgeous dresses in person was incredible! The best thing about our trip to Japan was visiting Harajuku and getting to experience the cat cafés in Shibuya. We also loved visiting the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi Park. We even took the kids to a stand-up sushi bar in Shibuya, and they loved the dining experience! We loved visiting Whitefish, Montana, over the summer. The highlights of our trip there included kayaking at City Beach, stargazing at night, and spending time at Glacier National Park.

What did you learn on this adventure about the people you met and/or yourself? Every trip is different, even if you go back again and again to the same places. As a family, we love travel adventures. We can’t wait to see where our next trip will take us!



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