Slideshow: Fashion’s Night Out

Photos Lauren Foster

When Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour came up with Fashion’s Night Out and helped launch it’s first year in 2009, her objective was to boost the industry’s sales and morale during the global recession.  Over the years, this after-hours shopping extravaganza has evolved into one big, worldwide celebration of fashion, and last night the Eastside was a part of the party. From the designer looks Neiman Marcus sent down the runway to the local couture The Bellevue Collection exhibited, Bellevue was celebrating fashion from every angle. To many, the most powerful thing about Fashion’s Night Out is that every style and every kind of fashion is invited to the party, there’s no discrimination there’s only personal taste. That’s exactly what we observed last night. Here’s a look at the fashion we saw all over the city, and the trends we think you’ll love.

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