Feel Good Friday: Open-Air Dining, a Tooth Fairy Hotline, and Croissant Weather

Open-Air Dining on the Eastside 

Restaurants that meet certain “open-air” safety guidelines may open at 25 percent capacity this weekend. Many restaurants and other establishments with lots of windows and/or garage door walls (basically, ways to get air flowing and also social distance guests next to the open walls and windows) might offer seats, too. Check before you go and bundle up. Learn more about open-air and outdoor seating here.

Hello, You’ve Reached the Tooth Fairy

Now kids can call the Tooth Fairy when they’ve lost a tooth, deserve a pat on the back for a stellar dental exam, or need some tips to keep those nasty sugar bugs that caused a cavity out. There are four voice messages, created by the Tooth Fairy and her friends at Delta Dental of Washington. Connect with the Tooth Fairy hotline at 1-833-FAIRY-WA.

Treat Yourself to a Vanilla Chai Old-Fashioned

An old fashioned that’s anything but. Upgrade yours with vanilla and chai. Get the recipe here.

Croissant Weather

Take a drive to Redmond and stock up on pastries at Farine Bakery & Café. You’ll thank us when you have buttery pastries waiting on the counter next to your coffee Sunday morning.

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